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Soul Beautiful Therapy

Our Mission

It is our mission and commitment is to create a space of sanctuary to provide compassionate, personalized mental health care that fosters healing and growth. We are dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to wellness by offering evidence-based therapies, techniques, interventions, and a safe place for exploration and self-nurturing. 

Our Vision

To create a place of hope and healing where individuals can embark on a journey towards mental wellness. 

To offer comprehensive therapeutic care that inspires growth, resilience, renewal, restoration, and transformation. 

Soul Beautiful Therapy

About Dorothea 

Hello there! I’m Dorothea G. Hardrick, a licensed clinical counselor in the State of Ohio with supervision designation. I offer a variety of therapy and counseling services to people from all walks of life, blending biblical and clinical practices to help my clients come to a place of healing and hope. 

I am an alumnus of Cleveland State University and Ashland Theological Seminary, with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and dual Master’s degrees in Adult Learning & Development and in Clinical Counseling. 

Dorothea Hardrick

Dorothea G. Hardrick, M. Ed., M.A., LPCC-S 

Founder and Owner of Soul Beautiful Counseling & Consulting, LLC 

Soul Beautiful Therapy

My Counseling Journey  

Before engaging in counseling, I worked for 20+ years in the banking industry, with more than half of those years in training and development. During that time, I saw a need for multi-faceted counseling and pivoted my life’s focus into this work. 

Throughout my years as a clinical counselor, I worked closely with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and older adults. I have in-depth experience in various therapies and interventions designed to help individuals improve their overall mental health and well-being. I also take an active role in promoting mental health wellness and sharing interventions and presentations with those in the communities that I serve. 

My experience and expertise includes: 

✓  EMDR Therapy

✓  Individual Counseling

✓  Group Work

✓  Intensive Outpatient

✓  Relapse Prevention

✓  Bereavement & Loss

✓  Perinatal/Infant Loss

✓  Women’s Topic Groups

✓  Community Outreaches 

Soul Beautiful Therapy

There is a place of healing
for your Beautiful Soul. 

To walk alongside with empathy is the foundation of my practice. I have worked with individuals using therapeutic interventions that help with navigating self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety-related symptoms, complex grief, and trauma. 

I look forward to journeying with you. I trust that we will be able to find skills and strategies that work for you during our time together and beyond. 

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