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EMDR Intensives

Your life is INTENSE!

Intense with family, career, relationships, friends, and your environment. now is the time to be intense about you! You have a great passion for your outer world now, take that passion to care for you! 

Balancing Rocks

Why EMDR Intensives?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Intensives allow focused sessions of EMDR therapy over a shorter span of time. Intensives are for individuals and situations that can benefit from the immersive nature of the therapy. 

Beach Waves

Accelerated Wellness: EMDR Intensives allow individuals to work through traumatic experiences or distressing memories more rapidly than traditional weekly sessions. The concentrated approach can expedite the processing and resolution of traumatic material.

Maximize Time: For individuals who live far from their therapist or who have busy schedules, EMDR Intensives can reduce the need for frequent travel or time off work. This can make it more feasible to engage in therapy without significant disruptions to daily life.

Immersive Healing: Extended and Intensive EMDR sessions in a centered format can create a deeper level of immersion into the therapeutic process. 

Deep Wounds: Some individuals have complex trauma histories or multiple traumatic experiences that may benefit from a more intensive approach. Intensives provide the opportunity to address interconnected traumas in a concentrated manner, often leading to more comprehensive healing.


It’s All About You!

EMDR Intensives provide a focused environment where you can fully engage with your emotions, memories, and processing without the interruptions of daily life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical day in an Intensive look like?

Typically, sessions begin around 9am, with an hour lunch break, and end around 4 pm. The schedule is entirely flexible to accommodate the work being pursued.  Depending on the nature of the processing, breaks will be taken as needed.  The amount of time we will be working each day will fluctuate depending entirely on the work we are doing.  The nice part about Intensives is the flexibility afforded to tailor fit the work to what your system needs at the time.  

How much time do I need to schedule?

That is the magic question and the answer is: it depends.  During your intake consultation, we will discuss what you would like to work on and the goals you would like to achieve through the Intensive.  At that time we will make a determination regarding how much time will be needed.  I will ask you to complete the items shared ahead of time in order to most effectively utilize our consultation time.

Do I have to live in Cleveland, Ohio to do an Intensive?

No. One of the many beautiful things about Intensives is that since the work is concentrated over several days, rather than an ongoing weekly basis, clients can travel to Cleveland Area from anywhere in the world for the day(s) to participate in an Intensive.

How much will it cost?

When I reserve time for your Intensive, I will be reserving that entire day for working with you.  I charge a daily rate of $1,200/day. The half-day rate is $600.  A 50% deposit will be required to confirm your Intensive reservation, and the remaining 50% will be paid on the first day of the Intensive.

Financing Option:

Soul Beautiful understands that getting the help you need and deserve can be a significant investment. We have partnered with PROSPER to give you the opportunity to prioritize you!

What if I need to cancel?

If something comes up and you are unable to attend your Intensive, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling.  Rescheduling will not affect your deposit or payment. If you need to cancel your Intensive entirely, any deposit money already paid will be returned minus a $600 scheduling fee if the cancellation is made with more than 30 days before your scheduled Intensive. Deposits are fully non-refundable if the cancellation is made within 30 days of the scheduled Intensive.

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